British Rule the World

2 04 2010


In our world’s history there has always been one country that shook every nation. Yes, Great Britain has always been the one hungry for power over other countries. Many countries today continue to detest Great Britain for their invasion in their home countries. Britain first became the most powerful country in Europe, however this was not enough. They had just started to revolutionize world history.

 Britain has imperialized countries and regions all over the world. The most vivid and important of these were the 13 American colonies, Canada, Indian Subcontinent, Southern and Northern Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. All of our world’s leading countries today have been imperialized by Great Britain in the past. It changed many traditions, lifestyles, economies, and even clothing. Despite all of it’s flaws, the British era of imperialism did have many advantages to it.

 Some countries should also be thankful to Britain,  if it wasn’t for them, there countries might not exist today. The 13 colonies for example were created by the British is an example. However, Britain hasn’t been very nice to most of its possessions either. In countries like Botswana, South Africa, and India, British just went and claimed it to be their land. They were believed to have a very good intellect or let’s just say had very clever minds.

 Some regions like South Africa resented British imperialism, whereas countries such as India decided to change their ways in order to match up to the British. However, there were also countries like Australia and the 13 colonies that had no option at first and so could not avoid British imperialism.

 In this blog, we have covered all the major regions and countries that the British imperialized. Why did the British  imperialized them? The British imperialized some of their countries because of their resources and agricultural products, and others just to become more powerful and superior when compared to other European countries; Spain and France.




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