Australia was another possession of the British during their era of imperialism.  Europeans discovered Australia long after they had imperialized other parts of the world. It was first discovered by the Dutch in 1605, later Britain came and claimed it to be their land in 1770. The original Australian included diverse tribes of Natives.

When the British took control of the continent, they had the natives mine mostly gold for them. In addition, Australia became known as Britain’s penal colony. This was because Britain started to send all of their convicts or prisoners to this region along with their families to work and make a living. These British criminals later on became known as Australians as we know them today. Australia provided Britain with much of its needs along with a place for its prisoners to stay. Australia provided the British with a lot of fish, gold, and many other resources.


Located in the Oceania

Australia is the continent in between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific ocean.


Damp soil

Natural Resources:

iron ore



mineral sands


natural gas

Agricultural Goods





What the British did in Australia?

The reasons to why the British colonized Australia are the following, to send prisoners into Australia so there is no overcrowding of prisoners. Australia had Natural resources that the Brits needed. In addition, the Aussies provided the British with a lot of fish. Also, British imperialized New Zealand to expand the empire and prevent the French from gaining land in that continent.


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