Canad is located on Northern North America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, Nort Pacific ocean on the west and the Arctic Ocean on the North.

–          Many lakes and streams

–          Glaciers

–          Rocky Mountains

–          Volcanoes

–          A few rivers

–          Sediments

Natural Resources:

Canada has a variety of natural resources, one of which is the much wanted iron ore by the British. However, one of Britain’s main purpose to get control of Canda was was fur. Britain got mos tof it’s fur from their colonies in Canada.


iron ore





Agricultural and Manufactured Goods:

Agriculture in Canada:

Since Canada’s climate was mostly cold, it produces a few agricultural products.

–          wheat

–          barley

–          oilseed

–          dairy products

–          fish

Manufactured goods in Canada:

Canada exported many goods to Britain, however, its imports were much less. Canda was the main fur providing possesion of Britain.

Exported: fish, wood, and a lot of fur.


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