New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand was one of Britain’s early possessions during the era of British imperialism. New Zealand provided the British with many resources and goods, and even slaves. However, most people today do not know that. New Zealand provided Britain with wood, fish, wine, fruit, and even dairy products. It also provided Britain with sexual slaves.

Geography of New Zealand

– A country made on two massive islands.

-Located on the Oceania, islands in the south Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia.

– lush green fields

– Fertile soil

Natural Resources

–       Iron ore

–       Sand

–       Coal

–       Timber–       Gold–       LimestoneAgricultural goods made by New Zealand.

New Zealand had many clean grass fields and fertile soil. As a result, they were able to produce a good amount of goods.

Agricultural products include:

–       dairy products

–       lamb

–       Mutton

–       Wheat

–       Barley

–       Potatoes–       Fruits–       Wool–       Beef–       Fish–       WineWhat the British used New Zealand for?

The seas around New Zealand were often visited by the British, French and American ships. The crews traded European goods such as guns and metal tools, for New Zealand food, water, wood, flax, and prostitutes. Although the New Zealand people were known to be good traders, they were accused of killing some French explorers. Later on missionaries started settling in New Zealand to convert them into Christianity around 1800s


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