Northern Africa

*Connecting the Mediterranean and Red Sea*





The biggest benefit of the British by imperializing Northern Africa is the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal is a man made sea level waterway. It connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. It allows transportation from Europe to Asia without having to go around the tip of Africa. This canal was another reason why many European countries wanted to imperialize Egypt. It provided them with a faster route to the East Indies. British on the other hand, were the first one’s to take possession over the Egyptian lands. The Egyptians on the other hand, weren’t looked down upon because they cooperated with the British and also tried to modernize instead of revolting against them. But many African cultures and tribes were devastated.  The Suez Canal still exists today, and provides trading ships from all countries to go from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea towards the Middle-East and Asia.


Northern Africa is the northernmost region of the African continent, linked by the Sahara to Sub-Saharan Africa. The biggest land mark of this region is the Sahara desert. It is a fact that the Sahara desert is the world’s largest desert, and it covers 90 percent of northern Africa. Plus this region has the Egyptian Nile River.

Northern Africa’s features:

–          Sahara Desert

–          Nile River

–          Nile Valley

–          Next to the Mediterranean

Natural Resources:

North Africa is filled with abundant natural resources, therefore not only Britain but France, Germany, and Spain wanted to occupy the territory. However, the Brits got their first. (As usual)

Northern Africa’s Natural Resources

–          Gold

–          Wildlife

–          Land

Agricultural and Manufactured Goods:

Agriculture in Northern Africa

Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Kenya produce many crops. (All to Britain)

Egypt Produced:

–          Cotton

–          Rice

–          Onions

–          Sugar

Libya Produced:

–          Olives

–          Dates

Sudan Produced:

–          Sesame seeds

–          Gum Arabic

–          Sugarcane

–          Millet

–          Livestock

Kenya produced:

–          Coffee

–          Sugarcane

–          Rice

–          Meat and meat products

Manufactured Goods in Northern Africa

Much of Northern Africa’s manufactured products were made under the British, and once done, were sent there. Britain took varieties of cotton from different colonies it possesed.Cotton was one of the most important goods provided by Britain colonies in Northern Africa. In addition, some of these north African colonies produced rice, wheat, barley, and corn. British did not fancy these products too much because they recieved better variety from the Indies, 13 colonies, adn New Zealand. At times however, these goods were transportd to the Britsh Isles.

Egypt:(All to Britain)

Exported: clothing and textiles, cotton, manufactured goods.

Libya:(All to Britain)

Exported: dates and olives.

Sudan:(All to Britain)

Exported: cotton, gold, peanuts, sugar, meat, livestock.

Kenya:(All to Britain)

Exported: tea, coffee, hides and skins.


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