Southern Africa

South Africa





One of the reasons why many European countries wanted to Imperialize South Africa was because of its geography. It long coastline and lush forests provided with many advantages. Also the fact that it was surrounded by two oceans alone made it a very important region for the Europeans – They could make trading ports that went to Asia and America.

Southern Africa’s features:

–          Many lush Forests

–          Savannah

–          Surrounded by two oceans

–          Very long coastline

–          “The cape of good hope”

–          Mines

Natural Resources:

South Africa is filled with abundant natural resources, therefore not only Britain but France, Germany, and Spain wanted to occupy the territory. However, the Brits got their first.

Southern Africa’s Natural Resources

–          gold

–           iron ore

–           diamonds

–          Salt

Agricultural and Manufactured Goods:

Agriculture in Southern Africa

Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa all produce many cash crops. However Zambia has the best agriculture because of its extremely good soil.  In addition the other three countries imperialized by Britain provide many of the same products as Zambia. However, Zambia has the most variety.

Botswana Produces:

–          livestock

–          maize

–          beans

–          sunflowers

Zambia Produces:

–          corn

–          rice

–          sunflower seed

–          flowers

–          tobacco

–          sugarcane

–          coffee

–          livestock

Zimbabwe Produces:

–          corn

–          cotton

–          tobacco

–          wheat

–          coffee

–          peanuts

–          livestock

South Africa produces:

–          corn

–          wheat

–          sugarcane

–          livestock

–          wool

–          dairy products

Manufactured Goods in Southern Africa

Botswana: (All to Britain)

Exported: Fruits, Vegetables, natural resources, flowers, and animals

Zambia: (All to Britain)

Exported: gold, iron ore, molasses, flowers, and animals

Zimbabwe: (All to britain)

Exported: coffee, gold, minerals,  flowers, and animals.

South Africa: (All to Britain)

Exported: gold, diamonds, exotic animals, flowers, and sugar.


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